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Can you drink rain water? Yes, you can use barrels, cisterns, and bottles for water storage and collection.  I discuss this and more on today’s episode (015) of The Prepper Podcast. I have a listener call today, and I go over some methods of storing.  Then I go into methods for collecting water.  Next, I […]

TPP015 You Can Drink Rain Water, Rainwater Cistern and Collection

I discuss collecting rainwater, whether it is illegal or legal in your area (I don’t care).  I also talk about reclaimed water in a graywater (or greywater, however you may spell it) system. Housekeeping: Social Media Links: type in theprepperpodcast.com/TheNameOfTheSocialMediaSite […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

015 Collecting Rainwater Illegal or Legal and Conserving Graywater