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Thanksgiving History- The Real Story of How the First Thanksgiving Started 1
Today is a History lesson of Thanksgiving.  I tell you the real story of the first Thanksgiving, and how the first Thanksgiving was started. Before I get started… ON THURSDAY, I WILL HAVE A FAMILY-FRIENDLY AUDIO VERSION POSTED, SO YOUR FAMILY CAN LISTEN TOGETHER.  So please, come back and listen to my audio version of the […]

History: The Real Story of How the First Thanksgiving Started

Episode 8 of The Prepper Podcast (follow the links): cheap storm survival, thunder storm survival, lightening storm survival, ice storm survival, snow storm survival, storm survival gear. In this episode I teach you the cheapest or low cost method for surviving thunder, lightening, ice, snow, or tornadic storms.  You didn’t even know that you have this storm survival gear […]

TPP 008: Podcast About Surviving Storms of all Types

I recently did a Lifting Weights, Strength/ Resistance Training, Functional Fitness, and it is all going extremely well.  I stopped being sore after the first week and now I am in the swing of things.  I can already feel a little difference.  Some is just because I am burning more calories, and some is because […]

Isometrics, Body Weight Workout Routines, Strength Training: 46 Exercises!