Syria News, Civil War, War with Syria, U.S. Involvement, Russia

Syria News, Civil War, War with Syria, U.S. Involvement, Russia


Syria News, Civil War, War with Syria, U.S. Involvement, Russia

Syria News, Civil War, War with Syria, U.S. Involvement, Russia


I don’t make it a habit to get into the news because I am not about trying to bring fear and hate based on politics and world economies.  I think that if we work on the items that we have discussed over and over again, we will keep ourselves in a good position to recover for the economic and political curveballs that are thrown at us.  For this reason, survivalitsts should be the ones with the least amount of fear and emotional decision making.

I have been all but begged to do a post on the Syria civil war and why there will be U.S. Involvement.  People want to hear the latest Syria News about the “war with Syria.”

Like I said, I don’t like to get involved in news.  There are lots of sources for news, so I will typically keep busy on the more productive aspects of survival.  Learning and doing things to promote self-sustainability and self-reliance.  But today will be a news post… sort of.

Allow me to spend a little time disecting some historic and current facts about the situation, so that you can make REAL sense of what is going on and some of the policies that are currently at play.

First things first.  We have a bill that is on the floor of the senate.  It was scheduled on 9/11 that congress is to vote on using military force in Syria.  It is estimated that there is a 55% chance of the bill being passed.  What is the “official” reason for our involvement (which is code for “politically false” reason, or “blatant lie”)?  We can’t just stand by while women and children are attacked from within the country with chemical weapons.

Syria has been in civil war since the Syrian army started attacking protestors in April of 2011.  So there has been civil war and the same thing happening since befor the elections, for over two years now.  But we just now are getting involved?  What are we really thinking?  Doesn’t this seem odd that we just now get involved?

Syria’s main economic assets are, you probably guessed it already, 40% oil, 20% aggriculture, and many refined products.  Although their production of oil has dropped and is forseen to do so more in the future as a result of the war and other factors, the fact that a large oil supply is there.  Now, If you haven’t noticed, we will typically go in and “free” a country from tyranny to create an ally that will supply us with priority and at lower prices.  I think, maybe, this lines up with what is possible here as well.

So, Russia has spent time, according to them, investigating the chemical attacks in Syria, and according to Russia, it is actually the Rebels that set the attacks.  Russia has gotten the Syrian government to say that they would hand over their chemical weapon stockpiles, sign the Chemical Weapons Convention, and open all storage immediately for full disclosure and transparancy.

So the U.S. is awaiting a peaceful solution.  If one isn’t reached and the U.S. decides to use military force, Russia, China, and Iran have all said that they would attack some of our allies.

Why such involvement with these other contries.  Well, Russia, China, and Iran have lots of money invested into the Syrian economy.  Why would you let your borrower fail and never be able to pay you back.  Is it worth it for these countries to be involved?  It may not be monitarily the best decision, but a good bluff is always a good solution in a situation like this.

Russia and Iran have also offered military support to Syria while Saudi Arabia and Qatar are providing support to the rebels.

I am not taking sides here and I am not going into detail about the economic implications of the strike.  I just want you to know why everyone is doing what they are doing.  If you want my opinion, a war with Russia and China could not be good in any way, and I also feel that the U.S. should probably not declare war against a country for having a civil war.  That is essentially what the strike would be.

That would be like saying that the United States has a civil war between the north and south again, and Russia steps in and says that if we don’t stop fighting each other, they will nuke us all.  Kinda dumb.

All moral issues, and centralized intelligence aside, we don’t really have the right to strike a country in civil war.  The only reason we would do so is for gain, and the involvement of other countries is so they don’t lose their investment into an energy source and ally.

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