How to Build a Snare Trap P5: Leg Snare Deer & More Large Game

How to Build a Snare Trap P5: Leg Snare Deer & More Large Game: Leg Snare

How to Build a Snare Trap P5: Leg Snare Deer & More Large Game: Leg Snare


Well, here it is.  Part five of a large series of posts that I have done by request!  Remember that you can email me if you want to request something and I try to get to requests because you are the person I am writing for anyways.

Today’s portion of how to build a snare trap is going to be over a setup called a leg snare.  This is a good snare for all types of game, but I am focusing on the fact that large versions of this trap is great for catching large game, like deer.  Once again, you will have to check out my post on how to build a spring snare from a tree or rock in order to learn the spring mechanism, because there is no reason to rehash this today.

How to Build a Snare Trap P5: Leg Snare Deer & More Large Game: Leg Snare Design

How to Build a Snare Trap P5: Leg Snare Deer & More Large Game: Leg Snare Design

Step 1: Hammer two large sticks, let’s say about 1-2 inches thick at least, and harpened on one side, into the ground at angles that will form an X with a very small top to the X.  Get the sticks at least 6 inches into the ground.

Step 2: Where the sticks intersect, you will tie them together.  I will explain the design of the X in just a second.

Step 3: Make a toggle, of at least 3-4 inches in length and almost an inch in diameter.  I would shave one end down slightly to reduce friction on the trigger (more to follow).

Step 4: Another stick is needed to be the trigger.  It needs to be long enough to reach into the suspected path the game will take.  It also has to be strong enough to hold your chosen bait.

Step 5: Tie your spring line onto the toggle

Step 6: Pull the toggle down and under the X, then use the trigger stick to hold the toggle in place.

Step 7: Obviously, the toggle is connected to the spring, so you will want your snare attached to the toggle.  It is best if the line that ties to the toggle is made to make a loop, which you could use the Alpine Butterfly knot to make a loop just above the toggle which will allow to hook a nifty self tightening snare to.

As the game uses the bait, the long stick will slide down, which will release the toggle under the spring tension of the sappling.  This will pull and tighten the snare around the legs of the game.  Your snare must be constructed to hold the force of an animal that will fight under adrenaline.

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