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Plot Contour Lines for Hybrid Hugel Garden Beds
Building on my video last Friday, and my post on hugelkulture, my children and I teach you to plot contour lines on your land or yard to be used as a contour map for Hybrid Hugel Garden beds. Hugelkulture is the way to go if you want a garden that will continue to add nutrients […]

Video: Plot Contour Lines for Hybrid Hugel Garden Beds

National Emergency Preparedness & Selfish Prepper Debate 2 3
Some time ago a blogger posted on a disaster preparedness blog for a disaster response organization that preppers are selfish.  She felt that all survival minded people care about are themselves and their families.  She said that we didn’t really care about the other people.  On her first blog post she said a few things: […]

National Emergency Preparedness & Selfish Prepper Debate

  Share this post: [sociallinkz] Everyone, I am posting a portion of a new book I am writing.  Please give me feedback on what else you would like to learn. Honey Bees (scientifically called Apis Mallifera) are social creatures.  They have a typical social class setup.  We have the worker bees, Drones, and the Queen. […]

Facts About Bees, Bee Colonies, & How Do You Get ...

  [sociallinkz] One thing that a lot of organic farmers have really become akin to is keeping bees.  They use them as the key pollinators for their gardens or farms.  Many of them don’t even harvest anything from the bees.  They only want to harvest the bee pollination power.  But then many of them produce […]

Bee Facts: Why You Should Produce Honey From Bee Pollination

[sociallinkz] It is easy today to get ourselves overwhelmed with everything that everyone else thinks is important, or ideas that we adopt as important for us or our families.  We constantly aquire more “stuff” to make our lives easier, but that stuff requires our attention and maintenance as well.  So what makes our lives easier, […]

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