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[sociallinkz] I have posted about raising chickens before.  I want to say a couple of things before I get into the post. First, I don’t have first hand experience with chicken paddock shifting, and probably will not since we live in an “unfriendly” area.  We did, however, at one point have chickens.  We basically had […]

How to Have Chickens with Paddock System Free Ranging

    He looks over at a dirty-faced, red-headed guy.  Hair all frizzy and knotted up.  Barely conscious and heavy eyes gaze back at him.  He hands him a cup of water and says, “Drink up.  It will make you feel better.” Mike, the redhead, slowly and weakly drinks from the cup.  He barely says, […]

A Desert Story: Tips on Survivial of a Disaster in ...

  [sociallinkz] I have discussed the permaculture concept of swales, hugelkulture beds, building rich soil, and square foot gardens.  Today I combine the concepts into one for building a garden bed. Large swale systems and hugelkultur beds are not really feasible for the back-yard, suburban gardener, so we continue preparing a garden bed with all […]

Preparing & Building a Garden Bed Using Hybrid-Hugel Method

    I have discussed how to make rich soil, how to use companion plants, how to use square foot gardening, and the concept behind a permaculture swale.  I also did an into hugelkultur.  I going to dig into another concept today that ties in with all of this “no-till”, permaculture gardening techniques later on. […]

Hugelkultur: Raise Garden & Compost Wood/Grass in Garden Bed

[sociallinkz] It was brought to the attention of this blogger of The Clever Survivalist by Mr. Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast about some local thuggery happening in Williamstown Township, Michigan by some so called “officials.”  A woman, that goes by the name of Jessica Hudson has a small farm that she uses for providing chemical free […]

Join Us and The Survival Podcast in helping Jessica Hudson

[sociallinkz] In permaculture research, there is a huge concept that surrounds a land formation, called a swale.  Permaculture swale design is typically for the rain water harvesting for trees.  It is more of a forest tool.  There are a few different types of swales, but the main one that I want to discuss is the […]

Permaculture Research: What is Permaculture Swale Design

[sociallinkz]     Learning to make Liquors and Spirits is a great skill to learn Alcohol uses are abundant for the Clever Survivalist.  Besides being a potential barter item, Alcohol has many uses. VODKA   Vodka is made from potatoes or grain and is clear in color typically.  It is great as a mixer for many drinks. […]

Liquors and Spirits: Alcohol Uses for Survivalists

[sociallinkz]     A couple days ago, we had someone (James Smith from Thriving During Disaster) over showing us a particular brand of freeze-dried food. He demonstrated the ease of preparation and cooking of it. My head was swimming with ideas while he was discussing the THRIVE product. I have mentioned the freeze-dried (Lyophilization) method […]

Storing Food: Lyophilization Preserved Food for Camping