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Extreme Wilderness Survival

Ask any wilderness survival expert (of which, I AM NOT)and they will tell you that the main factor determining who will survive when in the wilderness, is the mindset of that individual.  This means things like keeping yourself busy, instead of sitting around allowing your moral to get low or using your ingenuity to understand ways to make things work FOR you instead of working more for yourself.

If I am hungry, I need to hunt.  I could hunt actively, or I could find small game trails and build snares to hunt for me while I collect firewood.  We are using the one thing that separates us from most animals…our brains.

We are smart enough to know that we need to learn survival techniques before we are in the situation.  We can see things coming before it hits, and we will take action BEFORE it is needed.

We need to understand that our mind will play tricks on us in a survival situation.  Lack of food, water, and sleep will cause strange things to happen to you.  Understanding this allows us to mentalize our way through it.

We need to continually work on our skills and knowledge.  If we do this, even if we don’t need it, our lives are richer for it.  For being a Clever Survivalist is not a destination, it is a journey.

When things are good, prepare yourself and get what you can.  When times are bad, get tenacious and get bold and survive… no THRIVE.

Typical reaction to emergency situations is denial or disbelief.  We need to be aware of that and combat it.  We must have the WILL to survive.

First thing to do in every survival scenario is STOP.  Then you can come up with a plan.  And a plan is what will save you, even if things in the plan go awry.  Make small manageable tasks that you know will assist your survival, and achieve them.

Most people freeze when an emergency happens, because they don’t know what to do.  They don’t run around like insane people.  They just sit down hopelessly because they are waiting for someone to tell them what to do… but no one is there.

You must see yourself succeeding before you can.  You must never give up, and you must do whatever it takes to succeed.


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