Frugal Way to Shop for Guns and Ammo During Ammo Shortage



With the outrageous prices of tactical style weapons, that are incorrectly called “Assault Weapons,” and the crazy price of ammo, it seems that everyone is buying up everything that is in short supply.  Right now, try to find some .22, .223, 9mm, or 45cal bullets.  you will pay a premium price for these “common rounds.”

Why is this?  These rounds are the same that is used for law enforcement on many occasions.  So, when the demand of ammo goes up, so does the price, since the manufacturers can’t easily make more than their usual amount.  They try to up the price on Law Enforcement, even though they have a contract, and LE doesn’t agree with this.  They basically say, “Just go ahead, and when sales go down, we will stop buying from you and go with someone else.”  This would be a massive blow since this is their largest consumer.

So even when demand goes up, the price for LE stays the same, so the price for the enthusiast goes way up.

There is a way to combat this, however.  What guns do you have?  You need a well rounded list of firearm types for survival.  Each type has it uses, but I am not going to discuss that today.  I am discussing ammo.  Think about what is outrageously expensive; AR-15s, .22, .223, 9mm, 40cal, 45 cal, etc.  These are all tactical or had gun related.

.30 Comparison

What I do to deal with this issue.  Right now, I use this time to buy shotgun ammo.  12ga and 20ga is typically a cheap round, even now.  If you are thinking about what “brass” to buy, try the not-so-common rounds.  The common rounds aren’t so common now are they?  If you get mauser ammo, or 30-30 ammo, or the like, you get rounds that are the not-common rounds.  Well, they are the ones that are common now and also cheaper.  I guess that throws a wrench in the idea that the more common ammo, will be the most available.  I think that it gets offset by the amount of owners.

So, remember, right now would be the time to build your reserves of shotgun shells, and the lesser-used rifle ammo.  That’s what I am doing myself.  It is good to have the reserves if you ever need to hunt for food, or to protect your family in the middle of the night.

Think and Survive guys!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ken Jensen is an American, Ex-Military Patriot that is knowledgeable and experienced in Electronics and Industrial Electrical design and maintenence. Ken is also an experienced Nuclear Reactor Operator and also worked on nuclear instrumentation. He grew up hunting, camping and spending time outdoors. In adulthood, Ken has spent many years learning wilderness survival and, eventually, urban survival.

Ken is the author of a book, The Honey and The Bee and is the main author and contributor to The Clever Survivalist Blog, Survival Guide and The Prepper Podcast, Survival Podcast
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