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[sociallinkz] Most of you survivalists out there are big into food storage (if you are not, it won’t be long till that bug bites you too).  There are many different methods to storing food: Canning Pressure canning Dehydrating Freezing Curing (for meat) Root Cellars Freeze Drying And more (if you prefer anything specific that you […]

Food for a Year: Plastic and Mason Jar Dinners

amazing altoids survival tin survival kit
[sociallinkz] There is always something to be said for space saving in any survival situation.  If we decide that  we can reduce the quantity of each item that would be in our survival kits or bug out bag, we can have most of it in the size of an Altoids Tin.  I don’t feel that this kit […]

Altoids Tin Projects: The Homemade Survival Kit

[sociallinkz] I know that the other day I mentioned the Federal Reserve.  Today I wanted to give some basic understanding of the Federal Reserve System.  Today, you will possibly see why so many people are afraid of our economic state in the country. The main purposes of the Federal Reserve System were to soften the […]

Economic Failure: Federal Reserve Money Supply and Criticism

In our attempt to find the perfect shelter, we must discuss how to build a debris shelter (aka One Man Shelter).  The Debris Shelter is a surprisingly warm shelter, probably because how close it is to the body. The Debris Shelter starts with attaching a ridgepole made of a long branch to the trunk of […]

Survivor School: Build Debris or One Man Shelter in the ...

[sociallinkz] Let’s say that you are hiking in the woods from starting point “A” to destination “B.”  You are only halfway to site B.  It is a hot, still day.  A few clouds are in the sky.  While looking at your GPS, you notice that the barometric pressure is dropping dramatically, and in the distance […]

Survivor School: How to Make a Lean To Shelter in ...

[sociallinkz] I will visit a commonly known shelter, of which there are several ways to build.  It is called the A-Frame shelter.  There is a lashed version (uses a tree for stability) and a free standing version.  A-Frame shelters are a very useful type, because they are quick and strong. It is useful for keeping […]

Survivor School: How to Build A-Frame Shelter in Wilderness