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First, I feel that i need to disclaimer this post.  I don’t think that the first thing anyone should think about is a large battery system, or a generator.  I say this knowing that I will get backlash from the survival community.

I will discuss more about first preps for survival scenarios on a later blog.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I will discuss the usefulness of a backup system.  It is important to have a backup supply eventually for small conveniences.  It is good for charging cell phones, running lights, small coolers, electric blankets, portable heaters and air conditioners, or power tool battery chargers (If you are cleaning up after a storm, it would be nice to use power tools wouldn’t it?)  For power backup, there are generators, solar, wind, batteries, hydro, and more.  When looking for preparations, there are many things that point me in the direction of battery backup over a gas generator.

1. Generators are loud, so everyone knows that you have them.  Batteries are silent.  Can keep a battery bank in your house, because they are the silent power unit.  Noone will be kept up with a loud battery bank outside the window.
2. Piggy-backing on #1 (silence), Noone knows that you have them.  Generators are heard from neighboring houses and roads.  If anyone decides to be malicious, or if theft is a consideration, a silent bank will be a good thing.
3. Battery banks can have many additions OVER TIME to make them better.  You can add alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, and water.  These are to be added later though.
4. Battery banks are cheaper initially that a generator.  A generator worth its weight will cost a thousand or so.  I got 260 amp-hours of capacity of batteries for $160.  At 12 volts and pulling 25 amps, the batteries will last over 10 hours straight.  Think of the time vs. money invested.  Generators will typically need gas refill by this time as well.  what wattage is this?  about 300 watts.  So full power output is not the advantage, it is a drawback, but did I mention it is silent?  This is a tactical advantage.  I do like generators as well, but I am just discussing batteries at this time.  At a later time I will discuss more about generators.

Next post, I will discuss about batteries, their selection, and many considerations when selecting them.  If the post doesn’t run too long, I will delve into other components in your emergency power supply.  Once I discuss the components of the bank, I will talk about bringing it together into a bank in your home, or even (like me) a mobile battery unit.

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