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[sociallinkz] I wanted to interrupt the roll I was having on gardening with square foot gardens and companion planting with a recent occurence.  Last night we had a bad line of storms come through our area.  Every channel was showing detailed radar about the tornadoes and such that were hitting the viewing area.  The time frames that […]

Mind set Change (Our REAL asset)

[sociallinkz] So far, in the gardening arena, we have discussed rich soil without tilling and setting up, or building square foot gardens.  I want to discuss companion planting next.  I want to discuss what it is, why it is beneficial, and generally how to do it. I haven’t companion planted before.  Up to this point, […]

Planting Companion Vegetables and Herbs

[sociallinkz] If you haven’t read my blog on rich soil, please do so.  Today can be seperate from it, but the gardening posts are all interconnected. When I began writing this post, it became extremely long because so much of this subject works together, so please forgive me if it seems that I leave some […]

Square Garden Design: Guide to Square Foot Gardening Spacing

[sociallinkz] I will show you how to make soil rich so you will succeed in gardening, even if it is your first garden.  Step one in organic farming should be preparing your soil. The typical method of soil preparation is actually destroying the soil.  It is destroying the natural layers of dirt.  These layers are […]

Making a Garden Plot: How to Make Soil Nutrient Rich

[sociallinkz] When I discussed water resources in my post about surviving storms, I basically said to have a few bottles of water in a bag, and nothing more.  How is this sound survival advice?  Well, We were discussing an acute scenario.  I have to assume that some people that read this blog have never considered […]

How to Save Water Using Water Collecting Barrels, Water Purification, ...

[sociallinkz] Sorry to break the usual style of my blog, but some news has hit that I feel is important.  It has been in the news that North Korea will be performing a long distance missile test.  This missile testing is to test a platform designed to place a nuclear warhead on top and deliver […]

About North Korea: News on North Korea Missile Testing

[sociallinkz] I mentioned in my blog about storm survival the need for food.  I didn’t go in much detail because for the acute storm scenario, none is really needed, but it is very important that you know how important in a more extensive scenario knowing how to store food is.  Remember when I wrote about […]

How to Store Food Using the Copy Can Method and ...

[sociallinkz] A couple days ago, I discussed some thoughts on some basic survival of storms.  I then extended the theme to generators yesterday, because a generator would help with a storm, required more information, and would help for a longer period of time than just the acute circumstance of a storm. I want to expand […]

How to Survive the Heat or Cold with the Power ...