069: An Interview with Dale and Lisa Goodwin, All About Grid Down Scenarios

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When to Start Your Seeds and Tips on Caring for Them   Recently updated !

Recently I discussed starting seeds and what you could use for awesome containers.  Now I want to go a little further into the seeds themselves, when to start them, and how to care for them. How Do You Know When To Start Your Seeds? All plants have different triggers to start their germination and different […]

068: Importance of Youth and Community to Preparedness and Liberty (The Continuation)

Housekeeping: Don’t forget to join and get active at TopSurvivalForum.com Please give me a review at theprepperpodcast.com/itunes Questions or Comments: (978) KNOWS-IT or (978) 566-5748 a. green bar on right side of the homepage that says record on it News in Two Minutes Segment By J.Bradbury of PreparePDX.com Army opts for openness to security http://www.emergencymgmt.com/safety/Army-Openness-New-Computer-Security-Tool.html?elqaid=25900&elqat=1&elqTrackId=6B9102C4795824EC3122C966D8484E40 […]

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Why Start Your Own Seeds, and DIY Seed Containers 1

Why start your own seeds, and diy seed containers Starting your plants from seed is an important skill, and the best part is that it is extremely simple.  Let me give you a few reasons why you would want to start from seed even though nurseries will be booming with vegetation and plant life. Starting […]


Clearing Away “Weeds” Out of Your Garden in a No-Till Method   Soil Composition and Layer Benefits I have said it for quite some time that I am a “No-Till” gardner.  This doesn’t mean that I would never-ever absolutely-never till, but that I don’t do so for gardening. I believe that the soil is made […]


Military Tactical Maneuvers: Marching Fire 3

Marching fire (aka walking fire) is a military tactic where suppressive fire is used to allow advancing of troops. In marching fire, the advancing group fires their weapons, non-stop and without reaiming, attempting to pin down the enemy. This is different from my recent post on “fire and movement” because the attackers will advance in […]

marching fire

Waze App

Waze Android App (available on iOS as well) Waze is a smartphone app that acts as a crowd sourced Navigation app with real time traffic and hazard information. Waze was originally started by an Israeli company but was sold to Google in 2014.  Original Waze was already awesome in function where it crowdsourced most of […]

Waze app