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Your Bug Out Location (BOL) is supposed to help you when the Stink Hits the Fan (SHTF).  So, naturally, you need to choose one that isn’t going to place you more in harm’s way or reduce your ability to respond to emergencies. Your Location Determines Your Hazards It is important to consider what benefits and […]

These Dangers Compromise the Safety of Your Bug Out Location ...   Recently updated !

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So you found a place that sounds great on paper.  You even took a trip to visit it. You visited the property a second time, and just fell in love with it.  You could see yourself there, and all the amazing things it has to offer. YOU STILL HAVEN’T DONE ENOUGH RESEARCH! Before slapping down […]

Choose the Perfect Bug Out Location (BOL) Every Time

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Did you know that there is a group of people out there that can single-handedly ruin any potential your Bug Out Location (BOL) could have? This group destroys resiliency and property rights, all in the name of “property values.”  It consists of neighbors that look over privacy fences and invade your privacy, just to catch […]

This ONE Group of People Will Destroy Progress on Your ...

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118: Memorial Day 2016 – The Prepper Podcast

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It would only seem natural if you purchase or lease some land, everything on and below that land is yours to use.  Unfortunately, thinking like that is wrong and you CAN purchase or rent land WITHOUT RESOURCE RIGHTS. You Have the Right to Use Your Land and Resources Before you become that poor sap that […]

You May Not Have the Legal Right to Use Your ...

Choose the Perfect Bug-Out Location Every Time: A BOL You Will Love and People You Enjoy So you found a place that sounds great on paper.  You even took a trip to visit it. You visited the property a second time, and just fell in love with it.  You.  could see yourself there, and all […]

117: Choosing the Perfect BOL – The Prepper Podcast

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  Memorial Day is a Day of Remembering the Fallen Memorial Day is here once again.  It is next week.  I wanted to remind you a week before, so you can take action and make plans accordingly.  This is the only day of remembrance for many people.  Some people spend the entire weekend camping, cooking, […]

Memorial Day 2016

Dehydrating and Vacuum Sealing Meats Question from Jimmy – from Alabama Listen: Download: Can You Dehydrate Meats??? YES!!! Doesn’t hydrate as well as veggies They are chewier Cooked Meats – Dehydrate 135F-160F (consult manual) Don’t go below 135F Vacuum sealed, dehydrated meats are known to last up to 2-3 weeks at room temp […]

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Farmers commonly dispute over livestock ownership. Some disputes are legitimate.  Your livestock got out of its pen and looks just like your neighbors.  So, naturally, they place it back in THEIR pens. Other disputes are simply a result of theft and bad people.  You have something I want, so I am going to take it. […]

Ways to Win Every Dispute over Your Livestock Ownership

Tactical Communication Systems, Prepping Related Statistical Research, and Three Ways To Evade or Reduce Radiation Exposure in a Nuclear Accident The Memorial Day Episode of The Prepper Podcast was Awesome! Feedback submitted by Paul Freeland – From Kansas Thank you for your Memorial Day Show.  It has reminded me just how extremely important our […]

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