Different Types of Bug-Out Vehicles (BOVs) Have Different Advantages There are many other preparedness items that you should look at before changing your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV), but if you are going to anyways, let’s discuss the different types of vehicles that are great Bug-Out capable machines.  There are always options, such as Four-Wheel Drive, that […]

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Don’t be that poor sap, with a blown up motor on your truck in the middle of an ice storm.  Your vehicle could meet every single that makes it the most awesome Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) ever.  But if it isn’t reliable, all you have is a jacked-up, all-terrain, 4-wheel drive, over-sized PIECE OF CRAP. Three […]

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How far can your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) go on the fuel you have on-hand?  You need to get the maximum mileage possible so you can get further away. A disaster could leave you going the “route less traveled” and you may not find a gas station.  If you do finally find one, you shouldn’t be […]

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Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) should have enough room to carry every person in your party as well as their gear.  Think of a simple family of 6… two adults and four children.  You will need enough seating for everyone. Choose a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) that Can Hold Your Family Do you use two vehicles or […]

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Your vehicle is not perfect.  It may be perfect for something, but not for EVERYTHING.  If you have an imperfect vehicle for bugging out, that doesn’t mean it won’t work.  It just means that you have to pay attention to what it can and CAN’T do. The other day I saw a guy in a […]

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Let’s get started… Ballistics, Cartridge, & Ammunition Components P1: Case The Components of a Cartridge Called a cartridge, not bullet. Cartridge is entire thing Bullet is the projectile Case is what is left over after it is shot. I don’t really care, and mess it up myself Learn the proper names, because it makes research easier. Again, […]

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Build up your arsenal with real fire power, cheaply and effectively: No Firearm is “one size fits all”. Every type of gun has a purpose. Different Purposes of having a Firearm: Home Defense Personal or Self Defense Hunting / Utilitarian Sport What I look for in a firearm: Reliable Reputable Manufacturer Something that will last […]

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Labor Day is next week. If you want to know the TRUTH, then keep reading. I want to answer the following questions: What is Labor Day? What is the history of Labor Day? When is Labor Day? or What is Labor Day’s date? What is the labor union’s involvement in the history of labor day? […]

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Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) must be able to go the distance. When disaster happens several things can lead to your success or failure. Distance you need to go The route that you have to go Gas stations along the route Gas station closures or lines How to ensure your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) will go the […]

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Find an affordable, reliable vehicle that can get you where you need!!!! Bug Out Vehicles (BOVs) are great tools.  You can carry more, go further, and travel faster than you ever could on foot.  For people that choose to Bug Out at the right time, Bug Out Vehicles (BOVs) will place you even further ahead […]

9 Features that Every Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Should Have