Thanksgiving is a Great Time to Slow Down and Recharge Holidays are here, time to slow it down a bit.  Take time to enjoy our blessings Survivalists always talk about the problems in this nation, So many times we forget just how good we have it We should take time to talk about how great […]

Thanksgiving 2015 – The Prepper Podcast

thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving is a time to be awesome. If you are a turn through the rest of the year, STOP. Be thankful. Stop complaining about life so much. Try to see the “silver lining”. Even if you are poor, you are not poor. Those below the poverty level in the U.S. typically live better than those […]

Thanksgiving 2015   Recently updated !

defense in depth
Defend Your Position and Beat Your Opponent by Giving Up! You heard me right!!! You lightly defend a territory, but ultimately you are giving it up. You trick your opponent into more casualties, a loss of momentum, and loss of a strong defensive line. Defense in depth is doing all of this in order to […]

Awesome Military Tactical Maneuvers – Defense in Depth   Recently updated !

veterans day
Thank you for the sacrifices you and your families are making. Our Vietnam Veterans have taught us that no matter what are positions may be on policy, as Americans and patriots, we must support all of our soldiers with our thoughts and our prayers. -Zack Wamp United States Veterans Deserve YOUR Honor and Respect They […]

Veteran’s Day 2015

Veteran’s day used to be Armistice Day. WW1 was supposed to be the the war to end wars, which was obviously a lie. At the end of WW1, we agreed on a treaty.  But instead of making it official that day, it was decided to wait over 12 hours. A decision was made by a […]

Veteran’s Day 2015 – The Prepper Podcast

Housekeeping: Episode 100 is coming up, and I would like to do something for you.  Give me ideas of what you would like. Today is an interview podcast because Travis went to and filled out the form at and you can do the same thing. Topic: Why You Should Build a Bug Out Bag […]

096: Why You Should Build a Bug Out Bag Instead ...

Follow These Amazing Principles to Beat the COLD The Cold can Chill or Kill, Fight It It is more difficult to find enough to eat or drink in cold environments.  It is also harder to build a proper shelter. Even with the basics at hand, you will need amazing will-power and good clothing.  Will-power has […]

You Can Survive the Cold with Four Simple Letters: C.O.L.D.

Housekeeping: If you don’t know where to start in prepping, check out my resource page at, this is where I am getting the outline of my discussions here! Don’t forget to give me a review at or and you could win a consulting call with me. Episode 100 is coming up, and […]

095: Getting Versatile Bug out Bag That Won’t Break ...

guerilla strategies
Your group is small. Your enemy is big.  Win with a guerrilla defense! Since the 1700s, guerrilla (or diminutive form of war) warfare has been a concept.  It became extremely popular due to the huge effectiveness in the Spanish guerrilla resistance in 1808 to the French invasion. Stay superior in battle BECAUSE you are small. […]

Awesome Military Tactical Defense Maneuvers – Guerrilla Strategies

Housekeeping: If you don’t know where to start in prepping, check out my resource page at, this is where I am getting the outline of my discussions here! I will be doing a Warrior Dash 5k on October 10th.  We will be doing the St. Jude heat, because it’s not worth doing unless we […]

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